About me

Happy to meet you on my page! My name is Helo and I am the author of this blog.Helo Tamme

My background is quite diverse. About 20 years ago when I started my professional career I was working as an accountant, then realized that this job is not for me. Took a year off, joined an au pair program, and lived 13 months in this lovely Los Angeles suburb called Yorba Linda. In October 2000 I moved back to Estonia and stared my HR studies in Tallinn School of Economics. This was also the time when I started my career in HR, first as an HR generalist, but then already as an HR Manager. In 2009 I received my Master’s degree in Management and Marketing (wrote my Master’s Thesis about Employer Branding). Right after that was offered to start to teach Recruitment & Selection for HR Students at Tallinn School of Economics. Since 2017 I am also one of the consultants for Family Friendly organizations in Estonia. In addition to that I conduct different trainings, write articles, blog posts, etc 🙂 Past 10+ have been working at global Facility Management company called ISS where I currently have a role of People & Culture Director.

I write this blog because I believe in happiness. I believe that happy employees are more engaged, loyal, productive, and creative. 

Writing this blog has been such a great learning journey for me, so I am planning to continue that and invite you to join me as well. So in case, you see a post that touches you then feel free to share that with your friends and followers. In addition to that, I would be more than happy to read your comments. I would be even happier if you’d send me your best practices, examples, stories how have made your people happy to my e-mail helo_tamme@yahoo.com

In case you want to learn more about me and my bio then you can follow or contact me via LinkedIn. But please add your personal note so that I’d know your motivation, for example: “read your blog Workplace Happiness, loved it, let’s keep in touch!” 😉 https://www.linkedin.com/in/helo-tamme-8528505/.

Helo Tamme