Workplace Experience as a three-course meal?


In today’s world, experience matters and winners are those, who can offer the best experience, both to their customers, as well to their employees.

The employee lifecycle in an organization is comparable to a three-course meal in a restaurant that offers an entree, main course, and a desert. Each serving is important! And it is up to us to decide what kind of experience are we creating to our people – is this a fast-food restaurant experience where you get quickly served to reduce your hunger or is this a Michelin Star experience that you are offering to all your customers?

Recruitment and selection process as an entree to the perfect meal. An entree is an appetizer, which helps to feed the first hunger but doesn’t feed you just yet. Perfect entree is something that makes you eager to know what’s for next. You are in a great company in this amazing restaurant and you want to stay longer because you enjoy that. The same applies to the first point of contact with a recruiting organization. You are so excited about the experience that you have received during the recruitment and selection process so you can’t wait to start to work there.

Employee Experience as the main course. You know that this is the reason why you actually came to this restaurant. The perfect main course has all that it needs to have, it is enjoyable, healthy, nutritious, and exciting. Make sure you have a solid main course and that you actually build the rest of your menu around it. Your main course is your Employee Value Proposition. It is the reason why anybody should want to work for your organization.

The dessert or exiting process is a great ending for the perfect meal. Some might say that a dessert is something actually shows the quality of the kitchen. You should offer the best in class dessert even though it might be late already and the customers are thinking of going home – the quality of this course, as well the previous two, influences the experience that you are creating as well the size of the tip you are getting. The same applies to leaving employees – take the effort, treat them nicely, and send them off with a good handshake.

This three-course meal at your restaurant needs to be consistent to all your customers so that when they leave the would feel that they’d like to return one day and that they definitely would recommend your restaurant to their friends. The same applies to work situations – in case people receive a great workplace experience they are more likely to recommend their employer as a good place of work to their friends and family. In case we are sending a person off to their new challenges with positive feelings then they are more likely to return one day.

What are your thoughts, do you agree that a perfect Workplace Experience equals a three-course experience in a Michelin Star restaurant?

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