Role of people in Workplace Happiness


Let’s have a look what we have discovered about workplace happiness so far.

We know that according to this Gallup study, only 15% of the worldwide workforce is engaged.

We know that in case people are not engaged then they won’t be also loyal to their employers, which means that in case they get a job offer from another organization they will like to leave their current work.

We know that today’s labor market is really challenging and that the unemployment rate is an all-time low in a lot of countries.

And, we know, that in most of the cases it is actually easier and cheaper to keep current employees than to recruit the new ones.

Which means, that different people related topics, like Workplace Happiness, for instance, are getting more and more important.

Successful are those employers who put their employees first. Successful are those employers that are working on creating a great employee experience and creating such workplaces where employees actually want to not just need to be.


Most of the organizations today are still made of people, so therefore successful are those ones that focus on recruitment and selection of right people.

Organization culture matters. It is the basis of the workplace happiness and therefore it is inevitable to hire for culture fit, like Zappos, Google, or TransferWise are doing today to make sure that they hire right people.

But who is the right person for your organization? Well, I am a true believer that it is important to hire for attitude. In case a person has a right attitude but lacks some specific skills, then I rather hire him than the one that has all that needed except the attitude. Saying, one rotten apple will spoil the whole barrel is definitely true when we are talking about having the right people in organizations. Studies confirm that colleagues influence each other more than we think. For instance, when you put a fast worker next to a slow worker tends to speed up the slow worker instead of slowing down the fast worker. But for instance, toxic workers negatively influenced their neighbors’ performance. If a toxic worker sat next to a nontoxic worker, the toxic worker’s influence won out, and the nontoxic worker had an increased chance of becoming toxic.


One hot workplace and recruitment trend topic today is diversity. In addition to being a popular topic diversity actually has different advantages for organizations. For instance, according to ISS studies, diverse organizations are more productive, according to Glassdoor poll diversity is an important factor for job seekers when evaluating companies and job offers, and according to a Survey conducted in conjunction with the Victorian Equal Opportunity, Human Rights Commission and Deloitte, diverse workplaces are happy workplaces.


So you see that this who are the people working in our organizations matters a lot. It has an influence on our organization’s culture, on our people productivity and happiness at work. Good relationships at work matter a lot to our people. For instance, this LinkedIn study reveals that 46% of people believe that friendship with co-workers makes them happier. And this study by Simply Talent found that majority of people felt that peers had the biggest influence on Employee Engagement level.


So next time when hiring think carefully whom you are hiring because it matters. It matters a lot to your organizational culture and productivity as well as your people happiness.


Let me know what do you think of that post, do you agree to that or disagree?


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