How to turn your employees into brand ambassadors?


Happy employees are more productive, more creative, and more engaged. But there are other benefits that organizations are gaining: happy employees are proud of their employers and they are willing to let their friends and followers know that they are part of that particular organizations.

Today’s organizations are fighting the war for talents. In case talents don’t know you then they won’t know to apply to your organization as well. As the word of mouth is one of the most powerful factors when it comes to consumers’ relationships with brands then this is definitely the topic that we as employers must focus.

That is why organizations need brand ambassadors that help to spread the word and help with the employer branding communication. There are so many ways how people can express their attitude toward their employers, starting from social media communication and finishing with Glassdoor reviews. The impact of social media on an employer’s reputation is now an everyday reality. Here are some facts from employees:

– 50% post messages, pictures or videos in social media about their employer;

– 39% have shared praise or positive comments online about their employer;

– 33% post messages, pictures or videos in social media about their employer without any encouragement from the employer;

– 16% have shared criticism or negative comments online about their employer;

– 14% have posted something about their employer in social media that they regret.

This is where the topic of employee experience and workplace happiness are coming into the picture. In case employees are engaged and happy with their work then this is the information that they are sharing as well. The same applies to unhappy and toxic employees: information that they share about their employers is mainly negative and critical.

So how can employers turn their employees into positive brand ambassadors? Well, it comes down to workplace happiness and to that what kind of experience are employers creating to their employees. There are different things that you can do to make your people happy, such as offering flexible work, recognizing them, do the unexpected, etc. But what are other things to do and consider when wanting to turn your people into your brand ambassadors and do have a more strategic approach to the topic? According to Smarp, Employee Advocacy and knowledge sharing platform, these are the steps to consider:

Create the right culture where employees feel motivated to act as brand ambassadors. People should believe in you and want to share the content. Your program will fail in case people feel that they are forced to be a part of that or if they do not enjoy working in your organization.

Have top management buy-in and participation to set an example for the rest of your employees.

Consider using a shared hashtag that employees can use the flaunt the company culture (like I am using #WorkplaceHappiness in all my posts).

Set Clear Social Media guidelines for your employees to follow. The purpose of having a company social media policy is to help protect the company’s reputation, avoid legal issues and drive employee engagement.

Train your employees so that they understand the purpose of the program, know different social media channels, know what and how to share or how to respond to different comments, including negative ones against your company.

Create and recommend content to share. Your company blog, different company news, achievements, stories, events, campaigns, fun facts, job adverts or similar are the content that you could and should encourage your people to share.

Create an environment where you share relevant content with your people. It could be on your intranet, social media group, mailing list, or the portal such as Smarp.

Use Gamification – create a contest, use leaderboards, offer prices, etc.


What have you done in your organization to turn your people to brand ambassadors?


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