Do unexpected to create great Employee Experience!


Small things matter when we are talking about workplace happiness.

One way to make your people happy is to create a memorable experience for them. Meaning treating them fairly and creating a great employee experience no matter the situation this person is: applying to, working at or leaving your organization.

Small things matter when we are talking about creating memorable user experience to people.

Small and unexpected surprises are the ones that are making the difference and helping to remember the emotions that we had in this particular situation. According to the Glassdoor survey, one form of appreciation employees want from employers include unexpected treats and rewards (e.g., snacks, lunches, dinners, thank you notes).

So that is why I encourage you to think, what kind of experience are you creating when recruiting and selecting candidates, welcoming new hires, engaging existing employees, and saying farewell to leaving people.

Create great candidate experience. This how you are communicating with your candidates, how you are making them feel, and how you are treating them is the key to creating great candidate experience. But this is what a lot of recruiters are doing today. How can you be different? How can you create a memorable experience for candidates? There are small things that matter and one way to ‘wow’ your candidates is to surprise them with a small ‘thank you for coming in’ gift bag.

So next time when you have candidates coming into an interview make them a small gift bag from where they could find a thank you note, your business card, and a small ‘thank you’ chocolate.

Believe me or not but this is something that they didn’t expect from you and definitely will share that as a great experience with their friends.

Greet your new hires with a welcome kit. It’s a corporate tradition that gives new employees a sense of the vibe at their new place of employment while also making the employee feel special and expected.

For instance, according to this article at Cactus Soft page, Uber gives its new hires a hoody and baseball cap, plus a black Uber mug, notepad, stationery, and other nice, branded stuff. An employee can pack everything into a corporate tote bag, also provided on the first day. They also send to their new drivers a pretty cool care package as well. The first thing inside it is an Uber Driver Guide. Plus, employees get an iPhone and a small welcome card next to it. Finally, the package includes a small accessory kit.

Engage your people with corporate gifts or other rewards when celebrating different milestones, saying ‘thank you’ for great work and for going the extra mile or when you want to surprise them.

Small presents/rewards have an important role to play when we are talking about workplace happiness. For instance, it has been found that two dollars per person on fruit and chocolate will raise productivity by almost 20% for a short period of concentrated work.

So what could you do here? For one thing, you could promote peer to peer recognition so that colleagues can reward each other with small gifts when their team members have done something great for them. But you should also educate your managers to say thank you to their people when they have done a good job, give your managers tools that they can use to reward their teams.

Recognizing and rewarding your employees effectively is crucial to retaining top talent and keeping employees happy. SnakcNation has, for instance, created a list of 121 ways to reward employees that you can easily implement at your office. So in case you as struggling to find great ideas for small gifts and rewards then take a look at the list.

Make farewell presents to your employees on their last day in your organization. Do not let your people leave your organization with empty handed. Make their leaving memorable: throw them a goodbye party and give some small presents like chocolate, flowers, or company gift card. Your today’s leaver might be your tomorrow’s employee and definitely will be your organizations’ ambassador in case you have created a great and memorable employee experience to him/her.

Leave your comment, share your story how you are surprising your people! 🙂


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  1. We have a little present for the people that leave our company – we have organized jars, which will be filled with some candy and nice farewell-notes from colleagues. It is appreciated a lot, some people have even said, when they have announced that they are leaving, that at least they’ll now get the jar 🙂


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