Role of workspace in Workplace Happiness

green office

Designer and tastemaker Melanie Falvey writes in Thrive Global that creating the perfect environment at your office is fundamental for you to start thriving, being happier, more focused and relaxed. It is a fact that our environment can affect our mood, our productivity, and our creativity. According to Melanie, beautiful surroundings make us happier, more creative and productive.So in case, our surrounding is also one of the things that make us and our people happy then what are the things that we as employers should consider at work environment?

I would say that actually basic thing matters. So make sure that you provide fresh air to your employees. Turns out that the air that we breathe has a significant influence on our work quality and our employees’ productivity. Let me quote this one HBR article: “Study after study has shown that the amount of ventilation, or fresh outdoor air brought inside, is a critical determinant of health. Good ventilation has been shown to reduce sick building syndrome symptoms, cut absenteeism, and even reduce infectious disease transmission.”

As you see, there are many reasons to have good ventilation.

Actually, you do not need to be a scientist to conclude that. You probably have been in an office or in a meeting or in conference or in a wherever location where they have had really bad ventilation. You sit there and feel that you can’t think anymore and a minute or so and you’ll get a migraine. And as soon as you get to outdoors to fresh air you feel much better. Well, this is something that others feel as well when there is bad ventilation in the room.

So do not get cheap on your people, organize ventilation. They will be more productive this way and help you to earn more.

Also, bring in greenery. People like to be in buildings where they have a natural environment (such as green plants) at the workplace.

I must say that I am actually not very good with plants, at least indoors. At my home indoor plants will definitely die if they need to be watered more often than twice a month. So basically the only plants that survive at my home are orchids.

But as it turns out, you should have greenery at the workplace.

According to different studies, there are several reasons why greenery is good, starting from making people feel calmer and more relaxed, finishing with employees’ productivity. For instance, this article in Independent says that plants in the workplace increase productivity by 15%. In addition to that, they will also increase concentration, quality of life and workplace satisfaction.

So make your workplace green again! Bring in different natural elements, starting from different plants and green spaces (like this indoor garden by IKEA – amazing invention, don’t you think?).

It is proven, that those who work in environments with natural elements, such as greenery and sunlight, report a 6% higher level of productivity than those who do not have the same connection to nature within their workspace.

So let the sunshine in!

Think about your company. Do all your employees have natural light? Have you asked from those, who don’t have natural light, how do they feel about that? Which light do they prefer: sun or light bulb?

There are actually different studies that prove efficiency and effectiveness of natural light. For instance, it has been proven that those office workers with windows had better night sleep; they are more creative and more 40% more productive.

So as you see simple things matter!

Just give your employees fresh air, bring in greenery and offer window seat and they are happy as well as productive.

Don’t you agree?

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